Choosing A Reliable Hosting Platform

There are a lot of costs to owning a business, so it’s easy to look for cost-saving resources for some aspects of it. But when it comes to choosing a hosting platform for your website, however, it’s extremely important that you choose reliability over cost-saving because having a reliable hosting platform will help your business in the long term.

Let’s talk about what a hosting platform is first.

In the simplest of terms, it is a platform that provides storage space and online access for websites. They take care of all the setup and technical issues as well as having a very high-speed connection to the internet.

This brings us to our first reason for having a reliable hosting platform- your website’s speed. In our last post, DIY Website Care, we gave you a free resource on checking your website speed. Our society has an instant gratification mentality and if a site takes too long to load, visitors tend to not stick around, me included! Having a reliable hosting platform will help immensely with your website speed because you will be given a larger portion of server space to allow your website to grow as you add more content or refresh your design. Remember that a quick loading time will help keep your visitors happy.

Another equally important reason to have a reliable hosting platform and keep your visitors happy is website security. While every web hosting provider should provide adequate security for your site and the information that visitors provide, not everyone will be secure and safe. Going with a hosting platform that is well-known ensures that their security will be best for your site.

If you decide to take care of your website on your own, hosting your site with a reliable platform will be well worth it for the technical support. While you can DIY a lot of your site maintenance, there may be some technical issues that will be harder for you to take care of right away. Hosting platforms offer technical support, but make sure to investigate what kind of technical support they offer- such as 24/7 customer chat or a support phone number. Make sure you also look at what current and previous customers had to say about their support- just like potential customers will do for your business!

Past and current customer reviews are also important to look at for the uptime and downtime your web hosting could experience. Simply, how often are the servers running compared to how often they are unavailable. If a server is down, your site will not load properly and any visitor who tries to access your site will not be able to which will harm your business not only in losing potential clients but also your spot on search engines!

Website speed and security, technical support, and uptime and downtime are just a handful of reasons why choosing a reliable hosting platform are essential to your business. Here at Las Vegas Web Designs, we make sure that we are hosting your site with the most reliable of platforms and we are an extra set of eyes and hands working to ensure that your site will continue to help and not harm the potential leads for your business!




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